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Cleaning up the planet with particle accelerators

Join us on Friday 8th November at 2:15 at the University of Oxford for our first John Adams seminar of the academic year!
Dr. Robert Apsimon from the University of Lancaster will be speaking on "Cleaning up the planet with particle accelerators".

Where: Fisher Room, L5, Denys Wilkinson building, University of Oxford
When: 2:15, Friday 8th November
Further details can be found here.

Particle accelerators have a wide range of applications, some of which are fairly high profile, such as the LHC and radiotherapy, while others are more discrete, such as security scanners, polymer production and even semiconductor doping. In a world that is growing increasingly concerned with climate change and environmental sustainability, accelerators offer a huge potential to developing green technology, from the treatment of sewage and wastewater, all the way up to changing industrial practices in the textiles and leather industry.