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Dr Suzie Sheehy: The case for curiosity driven research

Dr Suzie Sheehy is an academic, science communicator and member of the JAI, based at the University of Oxford, where she holds a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. Her research focuses on developing particle accelerators for future applications in areas such as medicine and energy.

In June 2018 Suzie spoke at TEDxSydney on “The case for curiosity driven research”. This talk has now reached over 1 million viewers online and describes how curiosity driven research, research purely for the sake of learning something new, can lead to the development of technology.

Starting with the invention of the cathode ray tube and using a series of demonstrations Suzie explains how accelerator physics has changed the world through innovations such as PET scanners and silicon chips, reminding us of the importance of being “curious and open-minded about the outcomes of research”.

To watch the talk online click here