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JAI Seminar: Overview of the International Linear Collider

The first two talks of the 2021 JAI seminar series have been a great success explaining two rather interesting topics to packed audiences. The third talk, to be given on Thursday 4th February 2021, aims to do the same. Professor Shinichiro Michizono, of KEK, will be giving a seminar on the International Linear Collider (ILC). The talk, to be given at the exceptional start time of 15:00, will cover the current status of the ILC and what the next steps will be in terms of its realisation. The talk will be give via Zoom and can be accessed by this Zoom link.


The International Linear Collider (ILC) is an electron–positron collider with a total length of around20 km for a Higgs factory (a centre-of-mass energy of 250 GeV). Key technologies at ILC aresuperconducting RF (SRF) acceleration at main linacs and nano-beam technology at the interactionpoint (IP).

Prior to the actual construction, a four-year period of preparation (under ILC Pre-Lab, aninternational preparatory body) would be necessary. International development team (IDT) wasestablished on August, 2020 and IDT has been working for the organization design of the ILC Pre-Lab.Based on international agreements, the Pre-Lab will start its operation and complete the necessarypreparation to start the construction. The construction would take around 10 years and theexperiments could be conducted for twenty years.