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JAI Seminar: The SuperKEKB Accelerator

The Hilary term JAI lecture series has reached its half way point. Despite this, there's no let up in the quality of the talks on offer! The next talk will be given by Dr. Makoto Tobiyama of KEK on the SuperKEKB accelerator. The talk, which will be given on 18th February, at the exceptional time of 14:00, will be held via Zoom and can be accessed by this Zoom link.


SuperKEKB is an asymmetric energy collider, colliding a 4 GeV positron beam with a7 GeV electron beam at the KEK Tsukuba campus. It has been built to search for new physics beyond the standard model of the particle physics in the B meson regime.The SuperKEKB collider has been designed to achieve a luminosity that is more than an order of magnitude higher than the KEKB collider. It achieves this by employing a nano-beam scheme originally proposed by P. Raimondi for the SuperB collider. In this talk, the key architecture of the upgrade from KEKB to SuperKEKB will be shown, as well as the challenges currently faced by researchers in order to achieve higher luminosities.