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New seminar series for winter 2022

The joint UK seminar series is returning for winter 2022. The series, running from 20th January until 10th March, will cover a variety of different topics. A full list of topics can be found on the seminar series Indico page.

The first seminar will be given by Mark James Boland of the University of Saskatchewan, and will discuss the brightest light in Canada, the Canadian Light Source.


The Canadian Light Source is a national user facility that delivers synchrotron radiation to thousands of Canadian and international scientific users. It has been operating since 2005, but it was built on the foundation of the Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory that was founded in 1962. The facility consists of an accelerator complex with a 250 MeV linear electron accelerator, a 2.9 GeV booster synchrotron and a 2.9 GeV storage ring with over 22 beamlines and endstations. This talk will give an overview of the facility, some of its history and some of the future developments.