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Yet Another PhD Success!

In a welcome break from the trials and tribulations of the current COVID-19 lockdown, Oxford DPhil student, Pierre Korysko, has successfully submitted and defended his thesis. A member of the JAI since 2016, Pierre has spent the last three years working on intensity-dependent effects in future linear colliders.


The feasibility of the technology needed for these colliders are studied at the Accelerator Test Facility (ATF2) at KEK in Japan. Pierre simulated the impact of wakefields in this machine and made measurements to confirm the theory. He implemented beam corrections such as Wakefield Free Steering and Wakefield knobs, which decrease the impact of the wakefields on the beam size.


Pierre took his results on the test accelerator, ATF2, and applied the impact of wakefields on both the International Linear Collider, ILC, and the Compact Linear Collider, CLIC, two proposed electron-positron colliders. He simulated the impact of static and dynamic imperfections on CLIC and ILC, evaluated the effectiveness of different mitigation techniques and quantified the impact of intensity-dependent effects.