Environmental sustainability for future accelerators

Phil Burrows pictured at the Harwell site with Arup staff and hosts from ISIS/Diamond.

Left to right: Suzanne Evans, Matt Sykes, Phil Burrows, John Thomason and Stephen Gallimore, with ISIS and Diamond providing a splendid backdrop at the Harwell site.

Environmental sustainability is now a high-priority issue for society and any future accelerator facility will need to include sustainability as a key performance measure. In this context the CO2 footprint of civil construction is a major factor, and a study for ILC and CLIC has been completed recently by expert construction firm Arup.

On July 4th JAI Director Phil Burrows and Arup staff Suzanne Evans and Matt Sykes made a visit to the ISIS facility, hosted by John Thomason and Stephen Gallimore, to discuss sustainability issues for construction of future UK accelerator facilities.