John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science PhD Theses

This page gives information on the John Adams Institute theses.

Thesis are PhD (=DPhil) level unless explicitly mentioned otherwise (e.g. MSc). Click on the year to expand the lists.

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• RHUL 2022: Theodoros Christodoulou, Development and Optimisation of a Liquid Argon Detector as a Prototype Liquid Argon Positron Emission Tomography Photon Detector
Supervisors: Stewart Boogert (RHUL) and Joseph Walding (RHUL)
Thesis submitted March 2022, viva imminent / no link as yet.


• RHUL 2022: Gian Luigi D'Alessandro, Studies for current and future high intensity experiments at the CERN P42 and K12 beam lines
Supervisors: Stephen Gibson (RHUL), Alexander Gerbershagen (CERN)
Thesis viva 10 Feb 2022, corrections accepted, no direct link yet; will appear here

• Oxford 2021: Ji Li, Studies on integrated optics design for diffraction limited light sources
Supervisors: Riccardo Bartolini and Philip Burrows


• RHUL 2021: Kirill Fedorov, Non-invasive Longitudinal Beam Profile Diagnostic Exploiting Coherent Cherenkov Diffraction Radiation
Supervisor: Pavel Karataev (RHUL)
Thesis viva was 28 Oct 2021, corrections accepted, no direct link yet; will appear here

• RHUL 2021: Andrei Oleinik, Investigation of electrons and X-rays generated by a LiTaO3 single crystal accelerator driven by periodically varying temperature
Supervisor: Pavel Karataev (RHUL)

• Imperial College 2021: Robbie Watt, Monte Carlo Modelling of QED Interactions in Laser-Plasma Experiments
Supervisor: Stuart Mangles (IC)

• Imperial College 2021: Jan-Niclas Gruse, Development of laser wakefield accelerators
Supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin (IC)

• Oxford 2020: Jan Paszkiewicz, Studies of breakdown and pre-breakdown phenomena in high-gradient accelerating structures
Supervisors: Phil Burrows & Walter Wuensch


• Oxford 2020: Eugenio Senes, Development of a beam position monitor for co-propagating electron and proton beams
Supervisors: Phil Burrows & Manfred Wendt

• Oxford 2020: Pierre Korysko, Intensity-dependent effects in the Accelerator Test Facility 2 and extrapolation to future electron-positron linear colliders
Supervisors: Phil Burrows & Andrea Latina

• Oxford 2020: Chetan Gohil, Dynamic Imperfections in the Compact Linear Collider
Supervisors: Phil Burrows & Daniel Schulte

• Oxford 2020: Lucy martin, Experimental Investigation of Accelerator Beam Dynamics with a Linear Paul Trap
Supervisors: Suzie Sheehy

• RHUL 2020: Andrey Abramov, Ion Beam Collimation for Future Hadron Colliders
Supervisor: Stewart Boogert
[no link as yet]

•RHUL 2020: Niki Vitoratou, "Energy measurements of electron beam in the storage ring of Diamond Light Source"
Supervisors; Pavel Karataev (RHUL) & Guenther Reim (Diamond Light Source)
[no link as yet]

• Imperial College 2020: Elias Gerstmayr, "Energetic Radiation from Wakefield Acceleration and its Applications"
Supervisor; Stuart Mangles (IC)

• Oxford 2019: Léon van Riesen-Haupt, Advanced accelerator interaction region optics for LHC operation and future hadron colliders
Supervisors: Andrei Seryi (Oxford) & Emmanuel Tsesmelis (Oxford)


• Oxford 2019, Rebecca Ramjiawan, Development of feedback algorithms for future linear colliders
Supervisor: Phil Burrows

• RHUL 2019: Stuart Walker, Development of an LHC model in BDSIM to study collimation cleaning and beam-induced backgrounds at ATLAS.
Supervisor: Stephen Gibson

•RHUL 2019, Swann Levasseur, Development of a Hybrid Pixel Detector Based Transverse Profile Monitor for the CERN Proton Synchrotron.
Supervisors: Stephen Gibson (RHUL) & James Storey (CERN)

•RHUl 2019: Michele Bergamaschi, Development of a combined Transition and Diffraction radiation station for beam size non-invasive monitoring on linear accelerators
Supervisor: Pavel Karataev

•Imperial College 2019: Emma Jane Ditter, Optical diagnostics of ultra-thin target laser-plasma interactions
Supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin

•Imperial College 2019: Savio Rozario, Novel injection and targetry in laser wakefield acceleration
Supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin

• RHUL 2018, Alberto Arteche: "Studies of a prototype of an Electro-Optic Beam Position Monitor at the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron", supervisor: Stephen Gibson, link
• Oxford 2018, Christopher Thornton: "Experimental Aspects of Plasma Wakefields Driven in Linear Regime", co-supervisors: Simon Hooker and Andrei Seryi, link
• Oxford 2018, Talitha Bromwich: "Development of high-resolution cavity beam position monitors for use in low-latency feedback systems", supervisor: Philip Burrows, link

• Oxford 2017, Muhammad Kasim: "Quantitative optical probing of plasma accelerators", co-supervisors: Peter Norreys and Phil Burrows, link
• Oxford 2017, Peter Tudor: "Coherent combination of mismatched fibre lasers - steps towards real world applications", co-supervisors: Laura Corner and Roman Walczak, link
• Oxford 2017, Scott Lawrie: “Understanding the plasma and improving extraction of the ISIS Penning H- ions source”, co-supervisors: Dan Faircloth and Alan Letchford (RAL) & Andrei Seryi (Oxford), link
• RHUL 2017, Thomas Hofmann: "Development of a Laser-based Emittance Monitor for Negative Hydrogen Beams", co-supervisors: Stephen Gibson, Gary Boorman, Alessio Bosco, link
• RHUL 2017, Aiveen Finn: “Design and Development of a turn-by-turn spectrometer in order to investigate micro-bunching instabilities at the Diamond Light Source Ltd”, co-supervisors: P. Karataev (RHUL) and Guenther Rehm (Diamond LS), link
• Imperial College London 2017, Oliver Ettlinger: "Studies of near-critical density laser plasma interactions for ion acceleration", co-supervisors: Zulfikar Najmudin and Bucker Dangor, link

• Oxford 2016, Jatuporn Puntree: "Numerical investigations of single bunch collective instabilities in synchrotron storage ring", supervisor: Riccardo Bartolini, link
• Oxford 2016, Jack Roberts: “Development of a Beam-based Phase Feedforward Demonstration at the CLIC Test Facility (CTF3)”, co-supervisors : Glenn Christian (Oxford) & Piotr Skowronski (CERN), link
• Oxford 2016, Faissal Bakkali Taheri: "Numerical and experimental studies of coherent Smith-Purcell radiation", Supervisor: Ivan Konoplev, link
• Oxford 2016, Davide Gamba: "Online optimisation of the CLIC Drive Beam bunch train recombination at CTF3", Supervisor: Philip Burrows, link
• Oxford 2016, Thakonwat Chanwattana: "Generation of Short Pulse THz Radiation from Accelerator Based Light Sources", supervisor: Riccardo Bartolini, link
• Oxford 2016, Ben Pine, "Space Charge Induced Beam Loss on a High Intensity Proton Synchrotron", supervisors: Ken Peach and Chris Warsop (RAL), link
• Imperial College London 2016, Jason Cole, "Diagnosis and Application of Laser Wakefield Accelerators ", Supervisor: Stuart Mangles, link
• Imperial College London 2016, Saleh Alatabi, "Electron Impact Source, Development and Applications", Supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin, link
• Imperial College London 2016, Jonathan Wood, "Betatron Radiation from Laser Wakefield Accelerators and its Applications", Supervisors: Z. Najmudin and S. Mangles, link
• Imperial College London 2016, Kristjan Poder, "Characterisation of self-guided laser wakefield accelerators to multi-GeV energies", Supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin, link
• Imperial College London 2016, Oliver Pike, "Particle Interactions in High Temperature Plasmas", Supervisor: Steve Rose, link
• RHUL 2016, Lorraine Bobb, "Feasibility of Diffraction Radiation for Non-invasive Micron-scale Transverse Beam Size Measurement in Circular Machines", Supervisor: Pavel Karataev, link

• Imperial College London 2015, George Hicks: “Ion beams accelerated by laser irradiation of thin foils and their applications", Supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin
• RHUL 2015, Konstantin Kruchinin: "Laserwire Diagnostics: From Electrons to Negative Hydrogen Ions", supervisor: Pavel Karataev, link
• RHUL 2015, William Shields: "Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Diagnostics for Investigating Microbunch Instabilities in Diamond Storage Ring", supervisor: Pavel Karataev, link
• Oxford 2015, Ciprian Plostinar: "Design Principles for High Power Linear Accelerators", supervisors: Chris Prior and Ken Peach, link
• Oxford 2015, Stephen Dann: "Progress towards a demonstration of multi pulse laser wakefield acceleration and implementation of a single shot diagnostic", supervisors: Laura Corner and Roman Walczak, link
• Oxford 2015, Thapakron Pulampong: "Ultra-low Emittance Lattice Design for Advanced Synchrotron Light Sources", supervisor: Riccardo Bartolini, link
• Oxford 2015, Neven Blaskovic Kraljevic: "Development of a high-precision low-latency position feedback system for single-pass beamlines using stripline and cavity beam position monitors", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link
• Oxford 2015, Andrew Lancaster: "Absolute distance interferometry capable of long-term high frequency measurements of fast targets", supervisor: Armin Reichold, link
• Oxford 2015, Heinrich von Jagwitz-Biegnitz: "Commissioning of a Novel Electrostatic Accelerator for Nuclear Medicine", supervisors: Paul Beasley (Siemens) and Andrei Seryi, link

• Oxford 2014, Daniel Abler, "Software architecture for capturing clinical information in hadron therapy and the design of an ion beam for radiobiology", supervisors: Ken Peach and Jim Davies, link
• Oxford 2014, Daniel Warren, "Proton radiotherapy uncertainties arising from computed tomography", supervisors: Ken Peach and Mark Hill, link
• Oxford 2014, Wolf Rittershofer, "Laser wakefield acceleration in tapering plasma channels: Theory, simulations and experiments employing axial plasma density gradients", supervisor: Simon Hooker, link
• Imperial College London 2014, Michael Bloom, "Studies on the Relativistic Electrons and X-Rays Generated by Laser WakeField Accelerators", Supervisor: Stuart Mangles, link
• Oxford 2014, Michael Davis: "The Development of Intra-train Beam Stabilisation System Prototypes for a Future Linear Collider", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link
• Oxford 2014, Ewen Hamish Maclean, "Modelling and correction of the non-linear transverse dynamics of the LHC from beam-based measurements," supervisor: Riccardo Bartolini, link
• RHUL 2014, Rob Ainsworth, "Parasitic Resonances in High Power Proton Linacs: Major Issues and Mitigation Techniques," supervisors: Stewart Boogert and Stephen Molloy, link

• Oxford 2013, Timothy Carlisle: "Step IV of the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE) and the multiple scattering of muons", supervisor: John Cobb, link
• Oxford 2013, Douglas Bett: "The Development of a Fast Intra-train Beam-based Feedback System Capable of Operating on the Bunch Trains of the International Linear Collider", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link
• Oxford 2013, Alexander Gerbershagen: "CLIC Drive Beam Phase Stabilisation", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link
• RHUL 2013, Nirav Joshi: "Design and Analysis Techniques for Cavity Beam Position Monitor Systems for Electron Accelerators", supervisor: Stewart Boogert, link
• Imperial College 2013, Matthew Streeter: "Ultrafast Dynamics of Relativistic Laser Plasma Interactions", supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin
• Imperial College 2013, Nicholas Dover: "Exploring novel regimes for ion acceleration driven by intense laser radiation", supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin
• Oxford 2013, Paul Andreas Walker, "Laser Wakefield Acceleration of Electrons to GeV Energies and Temporal Laser Pulse Compression Characterization in a Capillary Discharge Waveguide," supervisors Simon Hooker, link
• Oxford 2013, Gregory Richard Moss, "A laser based straightness monitor for a prototype automated linear collider tunnel surveying system," supervisor: Armin Reichold, link
• Oxford 2013, Christopher Douglas Tunnell, "Designing a 3.8-GeV/c muon-decay ring and experiment sensitive to electronvolt-scale sterile neutrinos," supervisor: John Cobb, link

• RHUL 2012, Thomas Aumeyr: "Development of a Laser-Wire Beam Profile Monitor for PETRA-III and CLIC", supervisor: Grahame Blair, link
• RHUL 2012, Konstantin Lekomtsev: "Investigation of Coherent Diffraction Radiation from a dual target system at CTF3 and its application for longitudinal bunch profile diagnostics", supervisor: Pavel Karataev, link

• Oxford 2011, Ben Constance: "Design and beam testing of a fast, digital intra-train feedback system and its potential for application at the International Linear Collider", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link
• Oxford 2011, Robert Apsimon: "The Development and Implementation of a Beam Position Monitoring System for the use in the FONT Feedback System at ATF2", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link
• Oxford 2011, Laurence Nevay: "Results from the laser-wire at ATF2 and development of a fibre laser for its upgrade", supervisors: Roman Walczak and Laura Corner, link
• Oxford 2011, Matthew Warden: "Absolute distance metrology using frequency swept lasers", supervisor: Armin Reichold, link
• Oxford 2011, Mark Rayner: "The development of a novel technique for characterizing the MICE muon beam and demonstrating its suitability for a muon cooling measurement", supervisor: John Cobb, link
• Oxford and Diamond LS 2011, Ian Martin: "Short Pulse X-Ray Generation in Synchrotron Radiation Sources", supervisor: Riccardo Bartolini and Ken Peach, link
• MSc Oxford 2011, Penelope Jackson: "First investigation on a two-stage CERN PSB collimation system", supervisor: Ken Peach, link
• RHUL 2011, Maximilian Micheler: "Development of Longitudinal Diagnostics for Electron Beams based on Coherent Diffraction Radiation", supervisor: Pavel Karataev, link
• Imperial College 2011, Charlotte Palmer: "Approaching the radiation pressure regime of proton acceleration with high intensity lasers", supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin
• Imperial College 2011, Ayesha Rehman: "Optical probing of high intensity laser propagation through plasma", supervisors: Zulfikar Najmudin and Bucker Dangor, link
• Oxford 2011, Svetoslav Bajlekov, "Towards a Free-Electron Laser Driven by Electrons from a Laser-Wakefield Accelerator: Simulations and Bunch Diagnostics," supervisors Simon Hooker and Riccardo Bartolini, link

• Oxford 2010, Stephen Brooks: "Muon capture schemes for the neutrino factory", supervisors: Chris Prior and John Cobb, link
• Oxford 2010, Suzie Sheehy: "Design of a non-scaling fixed field alternating gradient accelerator for charged particle therapy", supervisor: Ken Peach, link
• Oxford 2010, Christina Swinson: "Development of Beam Position Monitors for Final Focus Systems at the International Linear Collider", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link
• Imperial College 2010 (pre-JAI), Stefan Kneip: "Laser Plasma Accelerator and Wiggler", supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin

• Oxford 2009, John Dale: "A Study of Interferometric Distance Measurement Systems on a Prototype Rapid Tunnel Reference Surveyor and the Effects of Reference Network Errors at the International Linear Collider", supervisor: Armin Reichold link
• Oxford 2009, Victoria Blackmore: "Determination of the Time Profile of Picosecond-Long Electron Bunches through the use of Coherent Smith-Purcell Radiation", supervisor: George Doucas
• RHUL 2009, Lawrence Deacon: "A Micron-Scale Laser Based Beam Profile Monitor for the International Linear Collider", supervisor: Grahame Blair, link
• Imperial College 2009 (pre-JAI), Claudio Bellei: "Measurements of Optical Radiation from High-Intensity Laser-Plasma Interactions", supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin
• Imperial College 2009 (pre-JAI), Sabrina Nagel: "Studies of Electron Acceleration Mechanisms in Relativistic Laser-Plasma Interaction", supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin

• Oxford 2008, Christine Clarke: "The IP Collision Feedback System at the ILC and its Sensitivity to Expected Electromagnetic Backgrounds", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link
• Imperial College 2008 (pre-JAI), Christos Kamperidis: "Investigation of electron laser wakefield acceleration in novel plasma structures", supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin

• Oxford 2007, John Green: "Development of a Prototype Frequency Scanning Interferometric Absolute Distance Measurement System for the Survey & Alignment of the International Linear Collider", supervisor: Armin Reichold, link
• RHUL 2007, Michael Price: "Laser-Wire Studies for PETRA and the International Linear Collider", supervisor: Grahame Blair, link
• Imperial College 2007 (pre-JAI), Christopher Murphy: "Diagnosis of high energy electron beams produced by laser wakefield accelerators", supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin

• QMUL 2006 (pre-JAI), Steve Molloy: "A Fast Feedback System Designed to Maintain Luminosity at a Linear Collider", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link
• QMUL 2006 (pre-JAI), Tony Hartin: "Second Order QED Processes in an Intense Electromagnetic Field", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link
• Oxford 2006, Simon Holmes: "The Physics of Muon Cooling for a Neutrino Factory", supervisor: Wade Allison, link
• Imperial College 2006 (pre-JAI), Alexander Thomas: "Studies of laser propagation and mono-energetic electron beam injection in laser-wakefield accelerators", supervisor: Zulfikar Najmudin

• Oxford 2003 (pre-JAI), Simon Jolly: "An Intra-Pulse Fast Feedback System for a Future Linear Collider", supervisor: Phil Burrows, link