The JAI provides graduate training in Accelerator Physics and related disciplines

  • Graduate training at the John Adams Institute consists of both a series of lectures and a design project. The lectures cover the basics of accelerator physics, from lattice design to RF and laser plasma acceleration.
  • The graduate lectures are given by Prof. Emmanuel Tsesmelis, Dr. Suzie Sheehy, Dr. Hector Garcia-Morales and guest lecturers from CERN and Cockcroft Institute.
  • JAI is a partner for JUAS and our students can access its full or selected courses.
  • JAI is providing summer project opportunities - see this link for Summer Placement Programme
  • JAI is also providing advanced graduate courses jointly with Cockcroft Institute - see this link for more information

The syllabus for the 2020-21 JAI graduate course can be found in the student handbook.


The JAI lecture series was great way to get to know other other accelerator physics PhD students from other universities. It was also a privilege to be taught by experts in the field.

Daniel Harryman, former JAI PhD student.