JAI Advisory Board

JAI Advisory Board

The annual meeting of the JAI Advisory Board (AB) took place in Oxford on April 18-19 of 2011. The board, chaired by Dr. Ewart Blackmore (TRIUMF, Canada), reviewed the JAI scientific and training programmes and the plans for further developments of the Institute.


The JAI Overview and the Research Programme were presented to the JAI AB by Profs Andrei Seryi and Grahame Blair. The JAI Industrial activity and Outreach were described by Prof Phil Burrows and Dr Michele Warren.

The development of collaborations was one of the central points of the presentations - in particular, Prof Brian Foster described the opportunities for JAI-DESY & University of Hamburg joint research on high gradient laser-plasma acceleration due to Brian's Alexander von Humboldt professorship.

The topic of the present and future light sources was presented by Dr Riccardo Bartolini (Diamond-JAI). The Lasers for Accelerators - L4A - the new activity that emerged from the laser-wire development, was presented by Dr. Laura Corner.

The new major direction of JAI - the Laser-Plasma Acceleration aimed at compact X-ray lasers, was presented by Dr Stuart Mangles (Imperial College London). This new direction joins the JAI forces with those from the Oxford's Atomics and Laser Physics team and the Imperial College London.

The JAI training programme in accelerator science and its planned evolution to encompass the accelerator-laser-plasma directions was described by Dr Pavel Karataev. The first day culminated with presentation of the student design project on LHeC, described by the 1st year graduate students Francis Cullinan, Michael Davis, Andrew Lancaster, and Ewen Maclean.


JAI Advisory Board with speakers and students

The JAI Advisory Board report was presented at the closeout with JAI staff on the 19th of April 2011. In the report, Dr Ewart Blackmore has noted that the JAI programme beyond 2012 will be based on three pillars - the training programme, research at the forefront of accelerator science, and connections with industry & outreach.

The JAI AB observed that student training has developed into a strong comprehensive programme for both graduates and undergraduates, and that increased enrolment of the top students demonstrates success of JAI training and opportunities.

Commenting on JAI research programme, the AB stressed the significant reorientation of research activities in the JAI programme. It also supported the Laser plasma acceleration as the new flagship activity with new collaborators, Oxford Physics and Imperial College Plasma group - noting strong interest from the IC in this initiative.

The AB praised successful interaction with industry through the workshop with positive feedback on JAI's role in assisting companies via facilities, knowledge exchange, and recruitment of skilled personnel, and furthermore noted the excellent and diverse Outreach programme with its considerable public and community involvement.

The JAI AB has also given detailed suggestions for the development of the JAI programme and the proposal for JAI activities beyond 2012.


The JAI Advisory Board Chairman, Dr Ewart Blackmore (TRIUMF) presenting findings and recommendations at a closeout meeting with the JAI staff. 19-Apr-2011.

Following the JAI Advisory Board meeting, the JAI Governing Board met in the afternoon of the 19th of April, 2011. Nigel Boulding (FMB-Oxford), Chairman of the Governing Board, received the reports from the JAI AB Chairman Dr Ewart Blackmore and from the JAI Director.

Dr Ewart Blackmore also informed the Governing Board that his term as the JAI AB Chairman is finishing this year, and that the next Chairman will be Dr Steve Holmes (Fermilab). Dr Ewart Blackmore was thanked by the GB Chairman for his six-year service on the Advisory Board, including three years as the Chairman.

The JAI Advisory Board members (left to right): Nobu Toge (KEK), Albrecht Wagner (DESY), Nick Walker (DESY), JAI AB present Chairman Ewart Blackmore (TRIUMF), JAI AB incoming Chairman Steve Holmes (FERMILAB), Oliver Heid (SIEMENS), Lyn Evans (CERN), Richard Walker (DIAMOND) and JAI Director Andrei Seryi (third in the first row).