JAI Fest: A roaring success!

JAI Fest: A roaring success!

The annual JAI fest was held on 6th December last year and by all accounts it was a roaring success!


The event, held in Oxford in the iconic monument to brutalism the Denys Wilkinson building, was attended by dozens of researchers.

The day began with an overview talk from John Adams Institute associate director, Phil Burrows. Prof. Burrows outlined the successes that the institute had seen over the past year and how it intended to move forward into 2020.

Following this brief interlude into the world of JAI administration, the technical part of the day kicked off. The first session, chaired by Stephen Gibson of Royal Holloway, focused on future energy frontier colliders. As always, the session was spearheaded by students and early years researchers and the talks covered every conceivable topic from the CLIC to muon colliders.

Following a short tea break, the afternoon session chaired by Zulfikar Najmudin began. The session looked at novel acceleration techniques and diagnostics. Again, several high quality talks were given, highlighting the depth of talent that the JAI currently has.

Following the final talk, the usual festivities were had in the pubs and bars that fill the great city!

The overall assessment of the event that it was enjoyed by all and provided a fitting coda to a marvelous year for the JAI.

The details and slides for each of the talks can be found on the indico page.