JAI Seminar: A primary electron beam facility at CERN — eSPS

JAI Seminar: A primary electron beam facility at CERN — eSPS

To kick 2021 off in the best way possible, Professor Steinar Stapnes of CERN will be giving a JAI seminar of the eSPS facility at CERN on Thursday 21st January at 16:15.


The eSPS is a proposed facility utilising CLIC and FCC technology to accelerate electron beams in CERN's super proton synchrotron (SPS) for use in the search for dark matter. The electron beams produced in the eSPS would be accelerated to an energy of up to 16 GeV, and would then be extracted to a proposed experiment known as the light dark matter experiment or LDMX.

The talk will be of particular interest to the new JAI graduate students as the eSPS will be the subject of this years JAI student design project.

Professor Stapnes led the project to produce a conceptual design report for the eSPS and is the current linear-collider study leader at CERN. Prior to this he was the deputy spokesman of the ATLAS experiment.

The talk will be given at 16:15 via zoom, the link can be accessed here. The full abstract of the talk can be found here.