Nurturing links with industry for results in scientific research

Nurturing links with industry for results in scientific research

AI director Professor Philip Burrows has been working with UK company TMD Technologies to design key elements of a next-generation electron-positron collider at CERN. Professor Burrows leads the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) Collaboration which is preparing the design of the collider that could serve as a ‘factory’ for mass-producing Higgs bosons. Such a Higgs factory has been identified by the global particle physics community as its top priority for a next-generation subatomic particle collider facility.


Our research in accelerator science is dependent on pushing the boundaries of technology and so it is essential to develop strong links with industry,

explains Professor Burrows who is also professor of physics at the University of Oxford,

It is wonderful to have a UK SME take a lead in developing advanced technology for particle accelerator systems. The technologies TMD is helping to perfect for CLIC have potential applications to many other accelerator-based solutions to societal challenges, not least beam therapy systems for cancer treatment.


The full article can be found on the University of Oxford Physics Department homepage.