Return of the UK accelerator seminar series

Return of the UK accelerator seminar series

After a successful first seminar series in the summer of 2021, the JAI and the Cockroft institute have announced a second seminar series for the autumn. The series has been organised jointly by both institutes, and will contain a plethora of cutting edge
accelerator physics topics that looks to even surpass the range of the previous series.


The first seminar will be given by Dr. Walter Wuensch of CERN onĀ Thursday 14th October at 16:15. Dr. Wuensch will be talking about the recently announced collaboration between CERN and Le Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois,
CHUV, which aims to build a facility to perform the cutting edge "FLASH radiotherapy".

A very hot topic in radiation oncology is the FLASH therapy, involves delivering an entire radiation treatment in a few hundred milliseconds or less. This fast delivery can reduce toxicity to healthy tissue while maintaining tumour control, thus expanding
the parameter space for treatment. The effect has been observed in experiments and clinical translation is now underway. As part of this effort, CHUV and CERN have formed a collaboration to design and build a clinical FLASH-capable facility for treatment
of large, deep-seated tumours using high-energy, 100 MeV-range, electrons accelerated with electron linac technology developed by the CLIC linear collider study.

Further details on the talk, as well as the rest of the seminar series, can be found by clicking on the seminar tab or visiting the seminar seriesĀ indico page.