Webinar: Women in STEM: Mind the Gap

Webinar: Women in STEM: Mind the Gap

A webinar will be held for the Sixty-Sixth session of the Commission on the Status of Women which will discuss Women in STEM on Friday 18th March 2022 at 08.00-09.30 EST (New York), 13.00-14.30 CET (Geneva). To register, please visit this link.


Panel Moderators: Afton Beutler-Reed (AHP &MLP) and Manjit Dosanjh (ICEC)
Rapporteur: Petya Georgieva (SEEIIST)

Afton Beutler-Reed is the International Vice President Mothers Legacy Project and Director - GEO program Global Education Opportunity Program. Since 2003, she has been a UN representative in New York and Geneva. Seeing the unique international and cultural environment in Geneva, Afton created and directs the Global Education Opportunity (GEO) program to bring students to attend UN meetings and international events; do research and contribute to global initiatives as well as participate in grassroots community projects.

Petya Georgieva is a Communication Officer for South East European International Institute for Sustainable Technologies (SEEIIST) and has worked closely with Manjit for many years on ENLIGHT Highlights. She is a Digital Communications Content Creator, Website and data platform manager, Conference and workshop planning expert.


Katherine Coffman Piramal Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School. Professor Coffman studies the sources of gender gaps in economically-important contexts. Her work focuses on the role of beliefs: how do stereotypes bias the beliefs that individuals hold about themselves (and others), and how do these biased beliefs shape decision-making? Through careful experimental design, she aims to isolate the forces that underlie important field phenomena, to quantify the impact of these forces on the efficiency and equity of outcomes, and to test a variety of potential policy interventions. Her work provides insights for leaders and policy-makers looking to design more equitable, and efficient, processes for evaluating, recruiting, and promoting talent. She holds a PhD in economics from Harvard University and a BA in mathematics and economics from Williams College.

Manjit Dosanjh is the Project Leader for STELLA (Smart Technologies to Extend Lives with Linear Accelerators), honorary CERN Staff, the particle physics laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland and Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford. She is also actively involved in helping non-profit science and technology education gender related organisations in Geneva and board of director for ICEC (International Cancer Expert Corps).

Eva Gousiou (CERN WIT), Electronics Engineer, Beams Department, CERN
Eva is an electronics engineer and joined CERN in 2005, where she has held several positions as electronics developer, accelerator coordinator and facilitator in collaboration initiatives across departments. She is an open hardware enthusiast. Eva is part of the CERN WIT community since 2019 and is an active contributor to advocacy and networking activities.

Laetitia van Haren Cultural Anthropologist, President-founder of SAHFA - Smart Access to Health For All- through customised mobile communication technologies. Inventor-promotor of JamboMama! - smartly connecting mothers to health providers. Implementation and App development activities directed at women and rural communities in Tanzania and Congo.

Rita Karl is the Senior Managing Senior Director of the STEM Media & Education Department at Twin Cities PBS and Executive Producer of the PBS award-winning SciGirls program, drawing on cutting-edge research on what engages girls in STEM. In 2019 and 2020, SciGirls was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Educational Series and in 2021 won a Gracie Award for Best Family TV show - National. Ms. Karl previously served as Director of Education at the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, as Director of USAID’s award-winning Educational Technology in Schools in Egypt, and the NASA award-winning Texas Aerospace Scholars engineering education program for high school students, now in its 20th year.