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The JAI research is built on the expertise in laser-accelerator interactions, design and operation of the brightest electron rings and light sources, machine-detector interface and final-focus systems, handling of proton and muon beams for medical and particle-physics applications, and excellence in advanced beam diagnostics, instrumentation and simulation. Members of the institute contributing to many national and international facilities and experiments (Diamond, ALICE, EMMA, MICE, ATF2, CTF3, PETRA III, ISIS, FETS), proposed projects (ILC, CLIC, PAMELA), and projects under implementation (ESS, LHC upgrade, Super-B).

The JAI is engaged in research along the following directions:

  1. Electron beams
  2. Proton beams
  3. Advanced Instrumentation
  4. Advanced Acceleration
  5. Beam Therapy

Visit the pages describing these three directions to get detailed information.

Please also visit the Research in JAI at RHUL and Research in JAI at Imperial for additional and complementary information.

Examples of the research conducted by current PhD students can be found here, here and here.