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Accelerator science can be applied in applications everywhere, not just in particle physics. Whether particle accelerators are used directly, the surrounding technology is employed, or our skills and intellectual expertise are utilised; Accelerator science can play a key part in projects relating to science, society and industry.

Here are a few areas where accelerator science has helped:

  • Production of specific radio-isotopes. These can be used in medicine for PET (Positron emission tomography) scans.
  • Crystallography. Accelerators can be used to determine the spatial and chemical structure of molecules and even watch in real time changes to them.
  • Non-destructive imaging. This is useful when something fragile is being studied, eg. artworks and archaeology.
  • As a source of targeted radiation. For instance in hadron therapy as a method of treating cancer. Hadron therapy is far less destructive to surrounding tissue than radio therapy.

For more information, please contact Prof. Phil Burrows.